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We are the IUCN Penguin Specialist Group

The PSG is the network of specialists working on penguin populations, including various aspects of scientific research and conservation. It facilitates the use of the best available ecological and biological knowledge to further the conservation of all penguin species. The group also mobilizes international and disciplinary expertise about the taxon that can be used to inform local, regional, national and international conservation decisions and policy.

What we do

The group carries out activities central to its mission, which is to further the conservation of penguins. Input from PSG members also enriches the IUCN Red Listing process through contributing input relevant to proposed revisions to penguin Red List categorizations.


The PSG synthesizes information on penguin biology, conservation and scientific literature, advises resource managers on penguin conservation, develops conservation action plans and undertakes other relevant activities.​

The PSG identifies, encourages, and advises biological studies and conservation projects. PSG highlights needs and advises IUCN about conservation needs and priorities.

PSG role is critical to influence international conservation issues that require a higher level of political engagement, such as the illegal traffic of penguins, oil pollution, or negative interaction with fisheries at international jurisdictions. It has an impact on international policy that affects national policy and improve its enforcement.

8 Ways we contribute

1. Coordinating

Acts as the body coordinating input from penguin experts to conduct the assessments of penguins for the IUCN Red List.

2. Planning

Identifies the need of management plans for particular species and critical areas and encourage their design by decision makers.

3. Advice

Provides advice on conservation issues of penguins to interested parties.

4. Support

Garners support for penguin conservation and management.

5. Partnership

Works in synergy with institutions and organizations to facilitate the collation and dissemination of information and literature.

6. Identifying

Identifies regional or species specific conservation issues and foster the formation of task forces or working groups to assess the magnitude, nature and location of those issues, and produces recommendations to address them.

7. Sponsorship

Encourages and helps sponsor national and international symposium and conferences.

8. Technical

Provides technical advice.

How we contribute

The group, through its activities and outputs, contributes to the following areas of the SSC strategic plan:

  • Policy at national level: provision of species-based information to range-state governments, IUCN members, IUCN regional and country offices and partner organizations to aid in influencing national policy-making;

  • Analysis of threats to biodiversity: impacts of major drivers of biodiversity loss analysed and utilized to develop solutions; and

  • Species-specific conservation strategies, action plans and tools: conservation action for species improved through the application of the IUCN Species Strategic Plan

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