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Chinstrap Penguin

Pygoscelis antartica

Chinstrap penguins are easily recognized by the black facial stripe.  This circumpolar species’ largest breeding colonies occur on South Shetland, South Orkney, and South Sandwich Islands with smaller colonies on other southern Atlantic islands.  They are pelagic during nonbreeding season when they can travel thousands of kilometers in search of food.  They return to nest in October, often occurring in dense colonies with other species.  Pairs lay two eggs and the eight week old chicks fledge in late February.  With a global population of 8,000,000 individuals, the species is considered Least Concern (IUCN Red List 2020), and treats include declining aquatic resources and climate change.   


For more information on chinstrap penguin natural history visit the Global Penguin Society at


For more information on chinstrap penguin conservation status visit the IUCN Red List page at

Pygoscelis antarcticus (Chinstrap penguin) (

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